Clean sweep promotes Duncan to championship second

Silverstone saw Duncan have his best weekend yet by taking both pole positions, both fastest race laps and both race wins. The results move him up to second in the UK Formula Ford Championship. He was on a roll after winning the previous three races, bringing his tally of success to five out of five.

The qualifying session and both races all took place today. After trying to avoid traffic Duncan preserved his tyres and put in flying laps to take pole for both races. With Joe D’Agostino alongside and team-mate Charlie Donnelly behind in third, Duncan looked in good shape to chase the lead in the championship table. Starting the day Duncan’s tally was standing at 290 points, with D’Agostino on 325 in second. Donnelly was leading on 395.

Race One went like a dream. A fantastic start saw Duncan ahead into the first corner, with Joe behind. Joe made a mistake, giving Duncan a breathing space but by then he was flying, putting in increasingly fast times. Gaining over half a second each time for the next two laps, Duncan then had the margin he needed. Mechanical failure ended D’Agostino’s race and Duncan crossed the line nearly four seconds ahead of Charlie in second.

“It was fortunate that Joe made a mistake and I could get away, said Duncan. “I got a perfect start. The wire broke on my Pi system so I had no rev counter and had to start by sound and managed to get my nose ahead. Getting my fourth win is fantastic – I’ve never raced here before – well, except on my Playstation. I just need to keep the consistency for this afternoon’s race.”

The second victory was a much harder battle. Joe was much closer at the start and Duncan didn’t have the luxury of a big gap at all. At one point Duncan stopped defending and lost a place, when the pair in third and fourth were looking dangerously close, in order to keep the battle to the two of them instead of a scrum of four. The tactic didn’t last long and Duncan soon retook the lead. From there he continued to defend hard and crossed the line, again taking the chequered flag.

“It was much harder.” he said. “Joe made more of an effort at the first corner but it wasn’t really a goer. I was hoping for the same as Race One but he held on for a bit. When Rob and Charlie were getting close I didn’t bother defending and let him by. When he then defended I took him back. I got a bit of a lead but then he made a ‘Super-Daddio’ lunge at Stowe and was back onto me again. Five wins is fantastic – another four races to go and I’d like another four poles and wins!”

Four races remain with the next brace of the UK Formula Ford Championship taking place on 24th and 25th September at Snetterton.

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