Coaching and tuition

Duncan’s on-track results speak for themselves – but he is also an experienced race instructor and driver coach, offering tuition to both professional competitors and amateur enthusiasts.

Professional driver tuition

If you’re an ambitious professional driver looking to improve your prospects with some professional tuition, training with Duncan Tappy represents an invaluable opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Duncan has tutored a number of rising stars and champions, and also works with race teams offering support to their drivers.

“He’s probably the best British driver to come from the junior formulae that I’ve seen for a long time,” says Red Devil Team Comtec race director Jonathan Lewis, and that ability and experience is on offer by booking a training session with him.

Tuition covers three key areas:

  • Racecraft and on-track factors
  • Physical fitness for drivers
  • Finding the right mental approach

Tuition is designed around the individual needs of the driver, and is priced accordingly. To book, please contact Duncan using the form on this site.

Public track days

Whether you’re taking your own car to a track day or interested in booking time in a high-performance sports car, Duncan Tappy’s skill and experience as a racer and as a coach can help make your day even more memorable.

His wide network of contacts allows him to arrange a day at any one of a variety of circuits across the country, either for your own vehicle or in one supplied by the venue.

During the day you will benefit from the coaching philosophy that Duncan utilises when training professional racing drivers, including an expert’s-eye view of track craft and tips about the right mental approach for fast but safe circuit driving.

Please note that professional courtesy prevents Duncan from attending independently-booked events that may already have their own experts on hand. He can therefore only offer this service at events booked through him.

To find out more, or to book Duncan, please contact him using the form on this site.

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