Duncan Makes More Formula Renault Progress at Thruxton

Race 1: Qualified 18th, Finished 15th
Race 2: Qualified 19th, Finished 14th

Duncan Tappy continued his 2006 Formula Renault campaign this weekend at Thruxton circuit in Hampshire.

In the two qualifying sessions the 21-year-old from West Ewell, Surrey, knew he could have qualified higher. He tried too hard on his fourth lap and went off, damaging his tyres, which meant an old set for session two. Not only was he held back with the used tyres, but he also struggled to get clear of traffic in the critical opening laps.

Duncan had high hopes for changes to the car overnight. He was rewarded with better handling but still encountered a challenge in the race itself.

After a good start he had a mixed first lap, gaining and losing places. The main section of the race was pretty processional until Duncan managed to capitalise on a mistake by Will Bratt as he tried to overtake Pippa Mann.

Trying to overtake Pippa himself, Duncan had to back out of his attempt and his revs died momentarily allowing David Epton through. All in all a mixed outing but ultimately a gain of three positions through the race.

Duncan said: “At one point I was up to 13th so it’s disappointing not to have finished there. I’d had a good start and gained a place off the line. Then going into the complex the guy in front of me braked early and a couple got by round us.

“I gained places when some ran wide and then it was quiet until I managed to battle with Will and Pippa. It could have been better but I’m pleased that we’re making progress and notching up experience and finishes.”

The second race was also mixed. A confused start lost Duncan four places but he again used his skill and talent to make his way back through the field. He used several passing maneuvers to get back to his start position and went further. His pace had picked up and by the end of the race he was charging.

Duncan added: “I made up a couple of places at the complex including Dean Smith. Coming onto the back straight I got a tow that helped me pass both Ebrahim and Jamrozinski who outbraked himself when I was alongside and smashed into Pippa so I had to drive over the debris and fins a way through.

“That brought out a safety car so we all got bunched up. Once that cleared I was behind Daniel Roos. Again at the Complex he went wide and I squeezed passed. The next lap I caught Niemela who made a mistake and spun out. I had to brake to avoid him and so the cars ahead could pull away but my pace was fast enough to have caught them as we crossed the line.

“I just need to make progress on qualifying but otherwise I’m happy with the progress we’ve made.”

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