Donington improvement for Tappy

Race 1: Qualified 15th, Finished DNF
Race 2: Qualified 15th, Finished 11th

Duncan had a slightly better weekend at Donington after his visit six weeks ago when he was struck by mechanical issues. Today he only had one non-finish, this time the result of a racing incident when he was wiped off the track.

He had a big improvement in the second race, moving up from 15th to finish in 11th place. The Formula Renault UK races this weekend were support for the extremely popular World Series by Renault. More than 90,000 people packed the Leicestershire circuit to witness the racing action.

Qualifying proved a challenge and test of time for Duncan. A first-lap problem with gear selection lost precious time, so once the real challenge started there was only time for one flying lap after set up refinements had been made.

Race One was short lived. Hogan, running in third, left the track, crossing gravel and the damp grass resulting in an uncontrollable spin back onto the circuit towards the Jamun Racing car. Duncan had cars on his left so he had to go right, but the wet grass put him into a slow slide into the barrier.

Race Two was the best part of the weekend. A good start saw him move up places from the start. By the second lap he was up to 13th, but ran wide at Redgate letting through Rees and Roos. Another two laps saw him claw the positions back and continue climbing, passing Joao Vasconcelos and Cong Fu to cross the line in a respectable 11th place.

Duncan said: “I know I’m capable of more than this – it’s very frustrating after last year. At least in Race Two I was part of some good racing. I squeezed Joao on the inside and he spun on the exit and managed to get Cong Fu eventually on the outside at Starkeys Bridge and inside McLeans.

“I would like to get more speed coming out of corners so that’s something to be working on for Brands Hatch. I think one of the best parts of the weekend was being support to World Series by Renault. I’ve never driven in front of so many people and it was an amazing feeling.

“I drove one of the World Series by Renault cars when I was an Autosport Award finalist. It was the bees knees so I really hope my career can take me there, if not further.”

Duncan’s next event is at Brands Hatch on September 23rd/24th.

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